partiallythere asked: Lienna Vara'Rosh

  • 01. Full name: Lienna Vara’Rosh
  • 02. Best friend: Ryllaea Terradene!  (Turians ftw)  Also a human, Emily, who’s also best friends with Ryll.
  • 03. Sexuality: Lia is definitely Bi.  She finds both genders of the majority of the species attractive in their own ways.  Except other female Drell, for some reason they just don’t do it for her.
  • 04. Favorite color:  Silver or anything chrome
  • 05. Relationship status:  Currently single, that makes it easier for her to travel around to perform without anyone tying her down.
  • 06. Ideal mate:  Someone who can keep up with her high energy lifestyle, but who she can lean on after a long day.  Ideally they’d need to be taller than her as well, but she’s pretty short so that’s not really an issue
  • 07. Turn-ons: well defined musculature, independence, confidence, a killer set of eyes is nice as well.
  • 08. Favorite food:  A simple, traditional drell seafood dish from Kahje, 
  • 09. Crushes: She has the tiniest crush on Kyriev, Ryll’s older brother.  But mostly she likes to try to make him nervous.  But that’s it… for now.
  • 10. Favorite music:  Old fashioned human-style rock and some metal.  (examples are Icon For Hire, Lacuna Coil)
  • 11. Biggest fear: That something will happen to Ryll or Emily and she won’t be able to help them.  Also that she will permanently lose her voice.
  • 12. Biggest fantasy:  To be booked for performances at the home worlds of the council races, more specifically Thessia, Earth, and the Citadel, with large crowds cheering for her.  Also to be able to listen to a professional Turian singer in person.
  • 13. Bad habits: Brushing people off when they first try to get to know her, leaving the lights on in the kitchen
  • 14. Biggest regret:  
  • 15. Best kept secrets:  That one time that her and Ryll were out drinking and Ryll ended up… ;P
  • 16. Last thought:  ~One more drink couldn’t hurt…~
  • 17. Worst romantic experience:  This one incident with a Batarian shortly after she arrived on Omega a few years ago.  He seemed to have potential, but man was she wrong.  
  • 18. Biggest insecurity:  On occasion people think that she’s much younger than she is because she’s quite small (she’s currently 23).  She also envies humans and asari for their chests.
  • 19. Weapon of choice:  Grenade or other small explosive, throw-able devices
  • 20. Role Model:  A well known female Drell vocalist that she witnessed when she was a child.

There ya go!  A bit about my darling little Lia.  <3  I quite love her.

  1. partiallythere said: She sounds amazing! I wasn’t aware she was a singer! ^_^ Hurray for musician OCs!
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